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Internet has been of great use and advantage ever since it has been discovered. We, as a 21st century generation are very much used to the internet and its perks. Almost everything which we do today whether it is work, study or entertainment is linked by internet. You may be familiar with the fact that internet is available to us in various forms and kinds. In this article we will be talking about a very powerful device called as a router.

For all of you who don’t have much knowledge about router, let us have a look at it!

TP-Link Routers

What is a Router?

As the name suggest, the word router has ‘route’ in it which probably means to carry messages from one place to another. Talking in technical terms, a router is a device which is intended to carry packets of data from one device to another in a network of computers. We can also say that, a router is a device which communicates between the internet and devices that connect to internet in your home. A router ensures that the traffic or data which is sent from a particular device should reach the directed device on other end. Forwarding traffic between the internet and your computer is what a router actually does. It is connected to two or more data lines from different IP networks in order to direct the traffic. In short we can also say that a router allows different devices like printers to talk among them.

Now there are different types of routers available in the market depending on your need and requirement. Some of them are listed below-

  • Wireless router– as the name suggests a wireless router does not have any wires attached to it and it used in railway stations, offices or homes. They are publically available and any number of users can connect to it.
  • Wired router- this type of router has wires attached to it. If you ever visit a bank or a college you might have observed that the PC’s are attached to internet using Ethernet cables. Is user wants to connect to it he has to use VoIP.
  • Edge router-these types of routers can be both wired and wireless. It does not distribute internet data packets within networks nut only between one or more networks.
  • Core router-supports multiple telecommunication and forwards IP packets at full speed.
  • Virtual router-it works according to the VRRP i.e., Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. When the main or primary router fails, it comes into use.

Now since you know about the types of routers and the types of services they provide, let us move to a more advanced version of router connection.

One of the biggest and fastest examples of wireless router is TP-LINK Wi-Fi router.

TP-LINK router enables you to connect office or home network i.e., LAN with internet i.e., WAN. are said to prove their worth more than anything. These kinds of routers have always been on high demand as they provide extraordinary and phenomenal services to their users. You might be wondering why exactly TP link is useful and where you can use it. The answer to this is that TP link provides a wide variety of networking hardware. It can be used in small business and homes too. The Wi-Fi signals provided by a TP LINK are very reliable and are capable of connecting to the devices that are connected to the network.

Today we are going to provide you a lot of information on how to access a TP LINK router setup, how to login in it i.e.TP link router login, how to upgrade its firmware (TP link firmware update), how to reset and change username &password of your TP LINK router, etc (TP link password reset). So get ready to explore the wonderful features of a TP LINK router.  

An overview…

In order to use and get access to advance features of a TP LINK router, you need to first login using the TP link login instructions, followed by configuration & management of the networks. A page with the domain name opens the login page of the TP link router and gives access to users to login into it. It is also necessary to know how to change the settings of the TP link router after logging into it.

Sometimes users find it difficult to remember default IP addresses for their TP link routers. To resolve this problem all the TP link routers have been pre-configured to use instead of default IP addresses. In this way, the router is automatically re-directed to its default IP address.  

One of the biggest advantages of using a TP link router is its powerful antennas. Your devices will be compatible enough to catch even the signals from wider areas. Not only it will give you an enhanced Wi-Fi performance but it also provides you with Homecare antivirus security to keep your devices safe.

Coming to entertainment part, a TP link router is compatible enough and gets easily connected with devices like LCD, mobile phones, tablets and other smart gadgets present in your home. Like this it acts as a powerful and friendly tool for both networking and entertainment purposes.  

The TP link router and its new features ensure that no device goes over the limit within the network. has complete control over all its devices.

Once you have a TP link router at your home or office, you may be confused on to how to start using it. In this article you will get detailed information on all the parts and steps of a TP link router. The first and the foremost step is logging in.

tplink router
TP Link Tri band wifi router

Setting up the TP link router via

A desktop computer, working internet connection and Ethernet cables are some of the things required before setting up TP link. Below given are the step-by-step instructions for your TP link router set-up. Note that Ethernet cables are used for the first time because a wireless connection could corrupt or damage the router.

  • Connect the modem to the WLAN port of the router using Ethernet cables and make sure the connections are proper.
  • Connect the computer to one of the LAN ports of the router and check at both ends.
  • Let the router finish off the booting up by switching it off for few a seconds. Turn it on after it’s done.
  • Type in the address bar of your internet browser. Click enter button and a login page will display on your screen.
  • You will see 2 fields continuously prompting on your screen to enter default username and password in it. By default, the username and password are set as ‘admin’ for almost all users.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, the Quick setup will appear. Click Nextto start and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen.  
  • Your setup is successfully done.

How to login in a TP link router?

Guide for TP link router login

Once you have set up your TP link router next step is logging in to use it for yourself. Initially the domain name is used to login to the TP link router. Once you have logged into your router you will have the access to change it username and password, update the firmware on router, guest network and parental control, etc. follow the below given instructions in order to login via web address.

  • Using an Ethernet cable, connect your desktop computer to your router.
  • Type tplinkwifi.netin the address bar of your device. Press Enter.
  • A login page is displayed, which will ask you to enter the default username and password. Enter ‘admin’ in both fields.

You will be finally logged in to your TP link router. Note that sometimes ‘admin’ doesn’t works as a default password. This may be because someone or the user himself has changed password earlier. So try filling in that password. It recommended that you should not change the password until you learn how to use and change it. In case, no option works the router needs to be reset to factory settings and start again.

Still can’t find a way to change the password and username of your router? Worry not, just read the below given TP link password reset instructions.

Changing the username and password of your TP link router-

Once you have logged in into your router using the default username and password, you should change it for the next time. It is also recommended that you should not enter any personal information of yours on the router, as the other computers can see the username SSID of your router. To change the password and username of your TP link router follow the given steps-

  • Ensure that your router is connected to your computer via an Ethernet cable. Open up a web browser on your desktop.
  • As mentioned earlier, enter the web address tplinkwifi.netand press enter. The login page displays.
  • Enter ‘admin’ as the default username and password for your router. A Quick Setupappears once you are logged in. Click on Next to start.
  • On your screen, a Wireless Network Nameappears in which you can enter the new username and password for your router’s network.
  • Below the Wireless Network Name you will see the Wireless Security Tab. Fill your desired password in front of the Wireless Password. It is recommended that you do not share this password with anyone until you trust them.
  • Click on Then click on Finish.
TP Link Router Password Change

In case you need to change the settings of your TP link router and reset it to factory settings follow the below steps-

  • There is a small button or hole labeled as ‘Reset’, you just have to locate it. It will be present on the back side of the router.
  • Hold the ‘Reset’ button for about ten seconds. If you are not able to press the button, take help of a paper clip or something similar to it.
  • Once you release the reset button the router will take about one or two minutes to reset back to its factory settings.

Note* when the LED lights start flashing, it means the router has been reset.

Once you have changed your password you will be disconnected automatically. Save your password for future use so that you don’t forget it. Now you can login into your network with any device using your new username and password. Then you can start using the internet as per your requirement.

Next important part is the Firmware and its updates. Before digging deeper, you should know what a firmware actually is.

A firmware is software that runs the hardware on the router. In order to run your router perfectly and smoothly you need to update your firmware regularly. When you update the firmware it ensures that your router is up-to-date and has all latest media devices. Just like you update the apps on your phone, a firmware also has the same functioning. It also helps you as a user when you buy any new media device to connect with the router. If your firmware is well-updated then your new device gets connected easily to the router.

Second advantage of updating the firmware is security. It is obvious that a user may keep his personal information on the router such as emails, bank details, etc. So in order to maintain their security, updating the firmware is a must task.  Below mentioned are the instructions to securely update your router firmware.

Update your TP link router via

  • From the TP link support website given to you, download the latest firmware of your router. Check for the model of your router before downloading.
  • Save the downloaded file to the location which you want and can access afterwards.
  • In the address bar of your web browser type tplinkwifi.netand Hit Enter.
  • As mentioned previously, you will see a login page. Enter the default username and password as ‘admin’ in the prompted fields. Note that the username and password are case-sensitive.
  • Once you have logged in The Quick Setup appears. Click on System Tools. After clicking you will see that a Firmware option appears on the left side.
  • Click Browse. Now open the downloaded file and click OK.
  • You will see an Upgrade button. To start the upgrade process, click on that button. It does not take much time for a firmware to get updated. Just a couple of minutes and your task is done.  
  • The router will reboot itself once the firmware upgrade has been finished.

Sometimes the router gets corrupt in between the process. It happens either when the user interrupts the upgrade process or by mistake upgrades the wrong firmware. So please be careful while you are doing such things, as it may directly affect your router’s performance.

Once the router has rebooted itself you can personalize the settings as per your own requirements and start using the router normally

While one way to login into your router is through, the other method is using a tether app. Like you can control and access the router through previous method, the Tether App also allows you to access and control the router in the same way.

A tether app is no big deal and is a simple app like other apps present in your mobile phones. You can easily get this app on play store. From there you can download it and access your router from your mobile.      

If you want to view the system log of your TP link router, just follow the simple steps given below-

  • Type 1.1 or in the address bar of your browser.
  • A login authentication screen is opened. By entering the default username and password you can go to System Tools >> System Log.
  • All the logs will be visible and you can also download & save these logs in your computer.

Sometimes as a user you may want to login into web-management utility of TP-Link wireless router. But you may not know how? Here is the answer-

To log in into web-management utility you can use your tablet, mobile or a desktop. Follow the below steps to continue.

STEP #1 – if you have a wireless router, connect your TP LINK wireless network. Check your wireless network name from the label of your router and connect by entering the wireless password.

  • If you have wired router. Connect your Ethernet cable to LAN port.

STEP #2 – open your web browser and enter in the address bar. Enter the default username and password.

STEP #3 – enter new password and username if you have changed it earlier.

Once you have logged in successfully, you can change or alter the router settings which include Wi-Fi password, name of the network, etc.

There can be many reasons of not getting connected to web-utility like Physical Connection and IP connection. Proceed carefully!