Red Light Issue On TPLink Router- Troubleshooting Guide

Is having a Red Light Issue On your TPLink Router?


Struggling with Red Light Error on TPLink?

These both above mentioned are common problem, which would be face by ever person. If the same issue troubling you then read the below whole post and get the solution of your Problem.

Read first basic things about TPLink, after move further to solution.

Technically proved that, TPLink router provides the advance, fast and stable internet connectivity. This is the one of the largest networking products manufacturers for home and office. Actually, TPLink routers are one of the reliable sources of the Internet and there are some loyal users who would prefer TPLink over anything else.

Red light issue on TPLink is very come error but sometimes it’s a little more complicated, So we have put together a guide to help you troubleshoot your TPLink router red light issue.

Let’s start immediately!!

First you need to understand the causes-why this error happen and troubling you again and again when you try to connect internet connection with TPLink router.

Causes of Red Light Issue on Router

Here is the list of reasons:

  • May be issue will happen due to incompatibility between your computer and router
  • Overheating is also reason of this error
  • Outdated firmware and drivers also the reason of red light issue. May be you are using outdated firmware and drivers
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi username and Password also shows red light on router
  • Checked that your router is connected properly to device or not
  • Most of the times issue will happen due to signal interference
  • Ensure that you are directed to the right page of TPLink Router Login

Now that you know the causes behind the issue let us find out how to resolve Red Light issue on TPLink Router.

Let’s start the Troubleshooting on TPLink Router Red Light Error

Basic steps to Fixes TPLink Router Red Light

If the power light keeps on flashing, there may be some problem with the TPLink router.

First we are explaining the basic procedure-how to resolve this issue.

Do the following steps first after that go through further advanced troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the internet connection: first check that the internet connection is stable or not. If your connection is not stable then you can face this issue on your TPLink.
  • Check your device connections: Check whether there is no lose connection, if you find any lose connection, might be this is the reason of error, you should remove it and try to reconnect again.
  • Check modem and router connection: Make sure that, modem and TPLink router both are connected with each other properly, if you find there is any inconvenience in-between them then try to reconnect again and resolve Red light issue.
  • Verify power cable: Make sure that your power cable is not cracks somewhere, if your find cracks on power cable then instantly replace it and join it properly.
  • Restart Router: Router showing cloud error message then, restart your router many time, if issue has been resolved then great if not then opt some another solution.
  • Add Correct IP address: Open your Browser from your PC and add correct IP Address in the address bar, if you didn’t remember any IP address then add default.
  • Use updated firmware: Most of the time this type of error occurs suddenly appears on router because you are using outdated firmware. Update firmware with latest version and resolve your issue on one step.
  • Update your TPLink router driver– if you are using outdated router drivers then the error appears, update your router driver with the latest version and try to resolve your issue in one step.

While Resolving Red Light issue on TPLink Router, sudden your TPLink Router Stopped Working then, Read Guide” TPLink router not working” and get the solution.

In case, you can’t resolve your issue by using these basic Steps then reflect your issue by advanced Troubleshooting steps.

Move Further to High tech solution.

Advanced troubleshooting steps for Red Light issue on TP- Link Router

Do the below steps and try to resolve your issue.

Reboot your TPLink Router

Sometimes issue is nothing, it’s just a glitch. You can also resolve it by one step, which is rebooting. Just reboot your TPLink Router Once and try to resolve any type of TPLink.

.Here is the steps to Reboot Router:

  • Firstly, you have to check that your TPLink router is connected to the Internet.
  • Second, remove the power cord from the router and the main power outlet.
  • Now, wait till 5-10 minutes and notice that the router is cool down or not.
  • When the router is cool down then, try to connect your TPLink Router to the power cord and the main power outlet again.
  • Try to connect your TPLink router to the Internet once it powers on, try TPLink Router Setup

Resetting to Factory Reset Setting

The Another Solution of Red light issue is Resetting or Factory Reset your TPLink Router.

Here are the steps to reset your router to factory reset:

  • Make sure, your TPLink router is powered on.
  • Now, turn back your router and find out the RESET button on the bottom.
  • Next, use the paper clip or similar object, press and hold down the RESET button for at least 10 seconds.

Make sure, by following above steps, your TPLink will begin to reboot and will perform a full factory reset.

In case your issue has been not resolved. Make sure you are entering the login credentials try to Login TPLink Router again and resolve your issue.

Process to Login TPLink router

Follow step by step process to Login TPLink Router:

  • Firstly, power on your router and connect your PC to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Once both are connected, open a web browser on your computer and head over to or
  • Note: In case this IP address doesn’t work, you can enter router default IP address. If you don’t know what TPLink router IP address is, call to experts.
  • After filling default Address, put your router login user name and password into empty field
  • Next, click on Let’s Get Started/Login button.
  • After login successfully, follow the on-screen instructions and configure your Internet and Wireless Network using by the quick setup
  • To Setup TPLink Router, enter the name (SSID) for your Wireless Network in the given empty field and set a unique password to secure your Wi-Fi network.
  • After entering username and password, process will be finished.

By implementing above steps you can directly able to Resolve Red light issue on TPLink Router by own.

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