Ways to Fix TP-Link Router Keep Disconnecting?

Having an issue with your TP-Link Router/ Are you looking for the solution for TP-Link Router keep Disconnecting Problem? 

If you are looking for the best wireless router for your office then we prefer the TP- link Router because it will be counted as one of the best wireless network providers for homes and offices.

Sometimes TP-Link Routers cause issues for you like “TP-Link Router Keep Disconnecting” for your home and offices. In Case, your TP-Link Drop Internet connection then, don’t get irritated. We are here for you!!

Just Read below whole steps and follow accordingly and get your Internet connection back.

First you must know about the reason why this thing happens- Why is your TP-Link Router internet connection dropping again and again.

Reasons- Why My TP-Link Router Keep Disconnecting

Here the list below of causes of internet connection drops:

  • Might be an issue with the ISP’s infrastructure.
  • Make sure you are connected to a bad Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • By using Defective cable with router and modem
  • The strength of Wi-Fi hotspot may be insufficient – you may be near the edge of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Wi-Fi network is overloaded, mostly this thing happens in crowded areas like on the street, stadiums, concerts, etc.
  • Internet drops gain and again because of outdated drivers
  • Outdated firmware is the reason of week and drop internet connection

Make sure by reading these steps you know the causes and symptoms behind the issue let us find out Solution of TP Link router dropping connection problem.

Simple ways to Fix TP-Link Router Keep Disconnecting

Router is the hub of the Wi-Fi network, if something went wrong in your router then whole office or home suffer.  So, ensure that your router is in good condition, if your router is in good condition then there is less chances to come issue in the wireless network.

Before moving to the solution first you have to do the following steps: 

  • You must have to update your router firmware. Latest updated router helps with the security, compatibility, and performance of the router.
  • Blocked the client using its MAC address.
  • Your Router must have a web user interface.
  • Now, come back to the router setting.  Reset and retrieve it to an earlier state if you messed up.
  • Make sure you have to  Login TPLink Router properly.

By doing above steps most probably you can get your TP-Link Router internet connection back. In case, you are unable to find your connection back then, without thinking twice move further to troubleshooting steps on TP-Link Wi-Fi Router Connection Problems.

Note- If you want to increase your Router Signals and you are using extender. While using Router Extender you are facing Problem. Read troubleshooting guides “How to Fix  and get the solution”.

Advanced Solution for TP-Link Router Keep Disconnecting

Do the following steps carefully and try to fix your TP- link Internet connection with your Own, without any help of technicians.

Solution 1- Check the Connections 

First and foremost check your Ethernet connection. In case your internet connection is lost then, this is the reason your internet connection dropped again and again.

You should do it by plugging your cable which is connected with the router to an Ethernet device directly. It would make the troubleshooting process easier for you as you will know if any need to focus on the Ethernet connection or the router itself.

Solutions 2- ISP Issues 

In case of a problem with your ISP then, the Internet is automatically disconnected from your access point or wireless router.  The ISP problem indicated with the ‘No Connection’ or ‘Limited’ messages. The same thing happens when you are connected directly to a TP-Link router.

If you are facing such a problem then, wait and check your internet connection. Wait some time because most of the time Wi-Fi connection automatically restores back on its own.

If after some wait you are finding no connectivity, restart the modem and try to connect or Set-up TPLink again.

After restarting, still connectivity issues continue, contact your ISP. Because sometimes the Internet works fine at AP/Modem’s end, but there are issues with your router.

end, but there are issues with your router.

Solution 3- Weak or Lost Signals

If the router has been connected With the LAN cable, check that there are no loose connections and the cables have been connected properly.

When your  router is connected with the Wireless Connection, check that the router is placed at the appropriate location which is receiving suitable signals.

If the wireless signals are not good enough then, you are not getting a smooth Internet connection. You just do one thing; keep changing the router location until it catches the best signals.

Solution 4- Restart your router

Most of the time your router drivers are outdated. That is the main reason for dropping your internet connection again and again.

You just need to do update your router drivers after doing this, unplug the router from the power outlet and plug it back in to restart the router. This would reboot all the hardware gears on your router and it should beneficial for you. Restarting is one of the easiest and simple steps to get back your connection back.

Solution 5- Reset to default Setting 

In case after restarting your router you didn’t find your network then we also have another thing that is to reset the router to its default settings.

Resetting your router would be a more beneficial and simple solution because most of the time resetting solve the issue and by resetting you are able to start using the Internet like before without any errors. After Resetting your Router, Login TPLink again.

Solution6- Ensure Bridging Configuration

If you are using extenders or repeaters for extending Wi-Fi or repeating signals, make sure that you are using the same password and network channel as your Modem or Access Point.

If you are using a different password then you can face issues like “no connectivity” or “limited connectivity”.  So, confirm twice WDS Bridge/Repeater password that you are entered that are matching with Wi-Fi settings of Modem or Access Point.

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